Your Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes need not be boring. Before ordering your wedding cake, confirm whether your caterer will provide one as part of their service. Obtain recommendations from other wedding specialists or friends and family and visit bakeries. View photographs of their wedding cakes to make sure they are able to do what you want and remember to sample some as well. Find out whether the bakery will deliver the cake to the reception venue or whether it will need to be collected. This could be a challenge if the cake is very complex and needs to be assembled.
Tradition or Outrages Wedding Cake.

The wedding cake should be attention-grabbing as it is often the centerpiece of the reception. Now days you could choose anything from a traditional tiered fruitcake encased in marzipan and white icing to a decadent chocolate confection, a vanilla mousse cake topped with strawberries and cream or towers of massed cupcakes.

Wedding cakes don’t just come in the traditional round, they are now also square and hexagonal shapes and ideas for decorative icing have become exciting and extravagant. Flower bedecked creations in pastel shades, simply elegant cakes covered in graphic details and dazzling skyscrapers decorated with spectacular diamante or beads. Decorating your wedding cake with fresh flowers or summer fruit captures the feel of a country style wedding.

Cup cakes placed on tall stands can either replace a single, tiered wedding cake or alternatively be used as wedding favours. Cakes might consist of miniature petit fours or pies, cappuccino brownies, squares of raspberry shortcake or even miniature versions of the traditional fruit cake. Give your tables a retro feel by placing individual cupcakes on vintage cake stands. Bring in a little foreign flair with a traditional French wedding cake the croquembouche which is made up of a pyramid of choux pastry puffs filled with custard and glazed with spun sugar.