Keep in mind that popular venues book up months or even a year in advance, so make sure you start looking as soon as you’ve decided on the number of guests you’re inviting to your wedding.

Northern Cape Wedding Venues
Establishment Name Area Type
Banqueting Capacity
Telephone Number
Horseshoe Inn Kimberley Inn
053 832 5267
Langberg Guest Farm Kimberley Guest Farm
+27 (0)53 832 1001
Kalahari Gateway Hotel & Conference Centre Kakamas Hotel & Conference Centre
+27 (0)54 431 0838
River Destiny Lodge Colesberg Colesberg Lodge (27) 051 753 0203
Kokerboom Motel Springbok +27 (0) 27 712 2685



Do a recon of the venue, look around the premises, including bathrooms and kitchen and think about whether it suites the theme and atmosphere you’re eager to create at your wedding. It’s important to note things such as light quality and the availability and position of electrical outlets for your DJ or musicians.   It might be helpful to visit the venue when another wedding is being set up or ask to see photos of the venue when laid out for a wedding reception.

The passion and dedication of the people who work there can have just as much of an impact on the success of your wedding as the right venue.